Richard Henry began his promotional career at an early age, taking up part time jobs to fund his growing music collection. Around the same time, his love for music inspired multiple experiments using "found sounds" which he later used to create impromptu soundtracks to watch with his favorite films.
Richard continued his career in both music and promotions as he traveled to various cities across the United States, eventually arriving in Austin Texas. Over the next several years, Richard worked with a multitude of artists and clients and founded his company Platypus Promotions.
Apart from the production work he is currently involved in, Richard has also pursued live performance as a DJ, implementing several forms of sound and culture from around the globe.
Other notable endeavors include his love for travel and exploration and his participation in film work with Clear Productions where he helped pen and starred in the 2007 film Night People: seize the night. Also seen in True Grit and Red White & Blue.